Egypt Picture - Basin of Psusennes I

Basin of Psusennes I

JE 85893 Cairo Antiquity Museum

Material: Gold
Size: Height 17 cm; Diameter of Rim: 20.9 cm
Location: Tanis, Tomb of Psusennes I, Burial Chamber of Psusennes I
Excavation: P. Montet's Excavations of 1940
Period: 21st Dynasty reign of Psusennes I (About 1040-992 BC)

This gold basin, in its simplistic style, could very well fit into the collection of a museum of modern art, but was produced over three thousand years ago. On the exterior of the basin, barely visible, is the cartouches of Psusennes I, which were inscribed with considerable skill. The basin was discovered next to a gold ewer.

Basin of Psusennes I

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