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Bracelet of Sheshonq II

JE 72184 B Cairo Antiquity Museum

Material: Gold, Lapis Lazuli, Carnelian, White Faience
Size: Height: 4.6 cm; Maximum Internal Diameter: 6.1 cm, Maximum External Diameter: 7 cm
Location: Tanis, Tomb of Psusennes I, Burial Chamber of Sheshonq II
Excavator: P. Montet's Excavations of 1939
Period: 22nd Dynasty, Reign of Sheshonq I (945-924 BC)

Seven bracelets were found placed around this pharaoh's wrists which formed pairs on each arm. Hence, there is a twin of this rigid bracelet, which is composed of two gold semicircles linked by hinges. Obviously the fine decorations are dominated by a striking image of a wedjat eye.

Bracelet of Sheshonq II

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