Egypt Picture - Ewer of Psusennes I

Ewer of Psusennes I

JE 85892 Cairo Antiquity Museum

Goldainted Limestone
Size: Maximum Height: 39 cm
Location: Tanis, Tomb of Psusennes I, Burial Chamber of Psusennes I
Excavation: P. Montet's Excavations of 1940
Period: 21st Dynasty Reign of Psusennes I (1040-992 BC)

This gold Ewer may have been used for the king's personal toilet and forms a pair with a gold basin. They were in fact deposited together in the king's burial chamber. As with the basin, this object is very simple in its elegance. Two cartouches with the coronation and birth names of the pharaoh are inscribed on the body of the Ewer.

Ewer of Psusennes I

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