Egypt Picture - Dakhla Farm Building

Dakhla Farm Building

Dakhla Farm Building


R.S. Bagnall


Dakhla Farm Building


If Kharga is the administrative center of Egypt's New Valley, then the Dakhla Oasis would be its breadbasket. It is a very lush region brimming with orchards and produce. 10,000 years ago, when the climate here was similar to that of the African savanna, it was teeming with buffalo, elephant, rhino, zebra, ostrich and hartebeest. There was a vast lake here, and on its southern shores were also human communities. However, as with most of the rest of the Western Desert, this wet era passed. Many of the people migrated south and east, where they helped populate the early Nile Valley, as the sands slowly covered their ancient way of life.

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