Egypt Picture - A Part of The "Meidum Geese"

A Part of The "Meidum Geese"

JE 34571 (CG 1742) Cairo Antiquity Museum

Material: Painted Plaster
Size: Height: 27 cm; Length 172 cm (Total)
Location: Meidum, Mastaba of Nefermaat
Excavation: A. Mariette's Excavations of 1871
Period: 4th Dynasty, Reign of Sneferu (2575 - 23551 BC)

This was a fragment of painted plaster was part of the wall decoration of the mastaba of Nefermaat and Atet at Meidum. It decorated the lower section of the wall of the passage leading to the chapel of Atet. It was painted using a tempera technique, with pigments of mineral origins diluted in water.

A Part of The "Meidum Geese"

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