Egypt Picture - Black-Mouth Pots

Black-Mouth Pots

JE 41247, 41251, 26530 (CG 20087) Cairo Antiquities Museum

Double Vace (JE 41247): Height 7.6 CM; Width 6.5 CM
Globular Vace (JE 41251): Height 7 CM; Diameter 6.6 CM
Location: Abydos
Excavation: E. R. Ayrton (1909)
Tripod Cub (JE 26530): Height 13.2 CM; Diameter 5.7 CM
Location: Gebelein (Discovered in 1885)
Date of all: Predynastic Period, Naqada I (4000-3500 BC)

Black-Mouth Pots

Photographer: Unknown

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