Cairo Churches: Greek Church of Saint George

Greek Church of Saint George
(Mari Girgis)

Greek Church of Saint George (Mari Girgis)

The Greek Church of St. George is one of the few round churches still in existance in the East, formed from it's placement atop a rounded Roman tower. There is a long set of steps that lead up to the church. The steps are built on the outer wall and the Roman towers. As you ascend these steps, you will find a relief of St. Geoge and the dragon wrapped around the outer brickwork of the tower. The church had been burned many times. It burned in 1904 and was rebuilt in 1909, but still has some of its beautiful stained-glass windows. For centuries, the church alternated between ownership by the Copts and the Greek, but since the 15th century it has remained Greek Orthodox, and the adjoining monastery of St. George is now the seat of the Greek patriarch.

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Last Updated: June 26th, 2011