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Topiary Rose Tree

Topiary Rose Tree

This simple little double-headed tree makes a change from conventional arrangements. 'Yellow Dot' commercially grown spray roses open fully to a pretty rosette shape. The same design could be made up using dried rose-buds but you would need considerably more flowers and you would have to substitute dry foam spheres for the wet foam. Kept cool and frequently misted, this fresh rose tree should last for at least a week.

" spheres and 1 rectangular block of florists' foam sharp knife secateurs sturdy terracotta pot 3 bamboo canes"

"thick pliable 10 stems Leucadendron
10 stems spray roses
1 handful sphagnum moss"

1 - Soak the florists foam thoroughly. Cut a piece of the rectangular block to fit tightly into the pot. Insert the bamboo canes together and carefully position the foam spheres centrally on the canes. Bind the string around the canes and tie securely. 2 - Cut off the Leucadendron heads, leaving about 2 cm/ in of stem, and insert into the foam spheres at regular intervals. Insert the roses in the same way. Cover the surface of the pot with the sphagnum moss to conceal the foam completely.

"For a really effective rose tree you need to select roses that open fully to provide a rosette shape. Remember to leave enough space around each rose for the bloom to open fully without being squashed".

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Last Updated: June 13th, 2011