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Rose - Scented Bags

A translucent, gossamer fabric made into a simple bag and filled with scented rose-heads and petals is a delightfully feminine idea for a guest room. Keep the flowers lightly perfumed by adding a few drops from a small bottle of potpourri refresher.

Larger bags with a drawstring hung in a wardrobe will emit a faint but pleasant aroma each time the door is opened. You could make an alternative to a Christmas stocking by filling a large version with dried rose petals and tiny gifts. Choose fabric that is either extremely fine or transparent such as organza, fine silk and chiffon or open weave linen or muslin that will allow the perfumed flowers to breathe through it.

1 - Lay the two pieces of fabric one on top of the other, right sides together. Sew a seam around all four sides, leaving a 3cm/ 1 1/4 in gap on one side. Turn the bag through this gap so that it is right side out. Press all four seams and slip stitch the small gap closed. About one-quarter of the way down the bag run two lines of stitches across the width of the bag, about 2cm/ 3/4 in apart. This is to accommodate the drawstring. Fold the bag along its side seams with the right sides together. Sew up the bottom and side of the bag. Turn right sides out and press. 2 - At the side seam, make a small snip in the outer fabric to allow the drawstring through. Take care not to cut through both sets of fabric. Wind a piece of adhesive tape around the end of the cord to pre- vent it from fraying and feed it into the gap in the seam. Feed it all the way around the bag and out at the other side through another small hole. Tie a single loop in both ends of the cord and attach a matching tassel to the end of each cord.

3- Fill the bag with scented rose petals. Pull the cord to create gathers in the neck of the bag. Tie a knot to secure the bag and neaten any edges.

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Last Updated: June 13th, 2011