Egypt: Temple of Mut at Karnak

Temple of Mut

The temple is located south of the 10th pylon, around 200 meters away from her husband's temple, the great Amun. The temple was built by Amenhotep III. Although the details and decorations of the temple did not survive through time, the temple still keeps its glorious charm. Part of the charm is the location of the temple. A hilly land with a beautiful view of Luxor and the Nile. The court has rows of statues of Sekhmet. All the statues are identical and some of them are broken. If you go and visit the temple in the evening, which I recommend, you will never forget the view of the surroundings while standing in the temple. The water of the sacred lake surrounds the temple from three sides. The reflection of the sunlight on the sacred ancient lake makes you understand why the ancient Egyptians picked that location to worship the wife of the greatest god in Thebes.

Beyond the lake is the temple of Ramesses III. The temple has a magnificent walking colossi in front of its great door. On the northwest corner of the temple stands the temple of Amenhotep III. The temple was dedicated to Amun-Re. Much of the temple is ruined, but still has some of its charming paintings and text stories. Right outside the Temple of Mut is an excavated path which once linked the temple with the city itself.