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Modern Life in Egypt






Modern Egypt is full of life and people who are hopeful for their future. Like ancient Egypt, it remains an energetic country but it has also made its way into the modern world.









The People of Egypt

The People of Egypt




The people of Egypt  a culture built upon for thousands of years. Just as in other societies, today's Egyptians have strong family values and much faith in religion. Some of them live in the big cities, while others live in rural farming areas. Most Egyptians today live closely to their extended family, especially following their father's paternal lines.


The Land of Egypt

The Land of Egypt




Egyptian land is almost all a vast desert, with sand as far as the eye can see. The jewel of Egypt, the Nile River, adds lush greenery and fertile soil to the desolate blowing sands common to the rest of the country. Egypt itself is bordered on two sides by water, contrasting the sand with the color of the deep blue sea.


The Egyptian Government

The Egyptian Flag




Today's government of Egypt is a Presidency. The President is elected by popular vote, and has quite a lot of power. Other governmental officials are appointed by the President to aid in keeping the country running smoothly.


Today's Egyptian Cities

The Citadel of Cairo




The population of Egypt resides both in the major cities and suburbs such as Cairo and Alexandria, as well as in small rural villages. The differences between the lifestyles is breathtaking. The faster paced cities tend to be quite crowded, though also more modernized.


Culture in Egypt

Egyptian Man




Culture in Egypt ranges from popular singers to famous writers and everything in between. Museums and architecture, to nights out on the town. You can just about do it all in Egypt!


Last Updated: May 30th, 2011