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The Amarna Period by Jimmy Dunn

The Amarna Period in Egyptian history is a spectacular time filled with mystery, regardless of the massive research and analysis of Egyptologists and layman enthusiasts. Because religion played such a significant role in all of Egypt's history, the period becomes a grand anomaly worthy of such focus. Most of the research and excavations surrounding this period focus on five areas. These areas include the main players during the period, who are certainly not limited to Akhenaten and Nefertiti, the city founded by Akhenaten from which the period derives its name, the religion of the period, the art of the period and the period's literature (specifically correspondence known as the Amarna Letters).


Naqada III Dynasty 0 by Jimmy Dunn

Scholars designate the Predynastic Period in Egypt as a time when Egyptian culture was beginning to resemble what would later become Dynastic Egypt, but Egypt itself was not yet unified. However, scholars generally divide this period further into four periods known as the Chalcolithic or "Primitive" Predynastic Period (beginning around 5500 BC), the Naqada I or "Old Predynastic" Period (also known as the Amratian Period, beginning around 4000 BC), the Naqada II Period (also known as the Gerzean Period, beginning around 3500 BC), and Naqada III, which has been labeled by a number of scholars as Dynasty 0. It should be noted, however, that respected scholars appear to differ on these exact dates.


The Origin of Egyptian Civilization by Jimmy Dunn

What could Hitler, the German chancellor who savaged the Jews and brought world war upon us during the mid 20th century, had to do with our initial interpretations of the origins of Egyptian society? Quite a lot, actually, although we must not place all the blame on him. Many of his attitudes about race were more common in the early 20th century amongst the western colonial powers than most people realize. As Egyptology began to come into its own as a science rather than a treasure hunt after the 1890s, only then did early investigators find surviving evidence predating the pyramids.


The Structure of Egyptian History & the Third Intermediate Period by Jimmy Dunn

The history of Egypt provided to us today by scholars is really a mixture of historic tradition and modern discoveries, sometimes almost forced into the framework of historic tradition. In other words, we divide up this ancient history of Egypt into segments which were devised long ago, such as specific dynasties which are then divided into larger segments which consist of the Predynastic Period, the Early or Archaic Period, The Old Kingdom, The First Intermediate Period, The Middle Kingdom, The Second Intermediate Period, The New Kingdom, The Third Intermediate Period and the Late Period (followed by the Ptolomic or Greek Period).


Towards an Understanding of Egyptian History by Jimmy Dunn


For the layman scholar, and particularly for those with a casual interest in Egyptian history, the subject can be more than a little daunting. And no wonder, for history and the very professionals who deal with the history of Egypt sometimes seem to have conspired to make it so.