Gebel al-Mawta (Mount, or Mountain of the Dead) in the Siwa Oasis, Egypt

Gebel al-Mawta (Mountain of the Dead)

The Mountain of the dead is a hill side full of tombs which were unknown to 19th century explorers. The huge limestone structure was developed during the 26th Dynasty and during the Ptolemaic period, and apparently was well known to locals. During WW II when the battles around Siwa were raging, they often hid in the tombs, and for monetary consideration, often sliced sections of the walls off for soldiers as souvenirs, but the Romans also plundered the tombs and often reused them.

There remains a number of interesting tombs. These include:

The Tomb of Si-Ammon, who was a rich Greek and who's tomb dates to the 3rd century BC. Here, there is a image of Nut, with a halo of sycamore leaves (just to the right of the entrance.) There is also an image of Si Amun himself making offerings to Egyptian gods.

The Tomb of Miso-Isis, which is unfinished, but retains the owner's skull.

The Tomb of Niperpathot, with inscriptions and drawings using apparently the same red ink currently used by Siwan pottery artisians.

The Tomb of the Crocodile, which includes a painting of a crocodile.

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