Meir in Egypt


Meir is the necropolis of El Qusiya, which was ancient Cusae, the capital of the fourteenth Nome of Upper Egypt. Unusual and distinctive, scenes in here are very natural and realistic, particularly in the Chapels of Senbi and Ukhhotep. Some scenes even verge on caricatures. Recent renovations have added considerable texture and color of these images. There are Nine tombs we believe to be open to the public and an additional six that were never finished and remain un-excavated.

Tomb one and two, which adjoin each other, are inscribed with 720 pharaonic deities. However, during the early Christian era, the early Cops who used the tombs defaced many of these, which they were prone to due elsewhere. Tomb four is interesting because you can see the grid work that the artists used to create the tomb art.

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