Egypt: Multi-Religious Compound consisting of the Hanging Church, Amr Ibn Al'As Mosque and Jewish Temple in Cairo, Egypt

Multi-Religious Compound

With the advent of the Third Millennium, huge resources are applied, intensive efforts exerted in Egypt to finalize a major urban and cultural project, namely the development of Old Cairo (Misr al-Qadeema) district also known as al-Fustat. Historically, this was the site, where the Arab Muslim commander Amr Ibn al 'As pitched his camp after conquering Egypt in April 641 AD. This district now combines a variety of religious monuments and establishments pertaining to the three heavenly meassages; Islam, Christianity and Judaism, making up what can be called a multi-religious compound.

The project, initiated on April 1,1998, at a total cost of about LE 15 million, is scheduled for completion on December 1,1999. Under this project, shopping centres are to be built to cater for tourist needs. To maintain the historical identity of the area, surrounding walls are upgraded and renovated and church wall coatings are restored. These enhancements have attracted large numbers of European tourists to visit the Hanging Church and the Jewish Synagogue.


The compound comprises the following monuments:

Hanging Church Amr Ibn Al'As Mosque Jewish Temple