Mohamed Nagy

Mohamed Nagy, founder of

Modern Egyptian photography art



Undoubtedly, Mohamed Nagy, the great artist, is one of the staunch artists who contributed much to laying down the foundations of the modern Egyptian photography art.


He produced an array of terrific paintings some of which go back to 1907, as he was just a 19-year-old boy.


He was the first Egyptian to study the academic art in the Italian capital of art, Florence. The most striking evidence to Nagy's unique style is that his paintings were displayed side by side with that of most renowned French artists in 1920.


In 1922, he met Madam Joliet Adam, the spiritual mother of the great leader Mostafa Kamel, and he depicted her with his delicate brush, presenting many wonderful paintings.


His painting "Egyptian Revival" was displayed at Paris Salon, for which he was awarded the golden medal that was also granted to celebrated sculptor Mahmoud Mokhtar for his wonderful "Egyptian Revival" sculpture.


In appreciation of his peculiar color of art, the state honored Nagy, as it turned his atelier to a museum housing all masterpieces he made.


Born on January 17, 1888 in Alexandria, and raised in rich family, Mohamed Nagy was fascinated with all colors of art while a little boy. He, as it were, found nothing in world exciting more than art. He mastered playing the "Aued", as his talent surfaced at early age.


Then he pursued the avenue of art, as he made great contributions to enhancing the modern Egyptian photography art.