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News Editors

Mona Ibrahim

My name is Mona and Im a writer/blogger at Tour Egypt. Egyptian by ethnicity, I was born and raised on the east coast of the United States, living in New Jersey and Massachusetts my entire life. Three years ago, I decided to move to Egypt, on my own, and experience what it is like to live in such an incredible country. I have a degree in Hospitality Administration, I love The Office and Welchs Grape Juice, and I really enjoy baking. These are my experiences and tips for Egypt.

Elisabeth Perez

My name is Elisabeth Perez and Im a writer/blogger at Tour Egypt. I am from the United States, more specifically California. I have a BA from the University of California, Santa Cruz in Language Studies. I love traveling, cooking and photography. These are my experiences in Egypt.

Elena Sergeeva

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Rania Elembaby

Im Rania, and Im an editor/web marketer at Tour Egypt. Born and lived all my life in Egypt, and learned to love every bit of it the people, the places, the culture, the history and more. Everything written here simply reflects what you might want to know about Egypt.

Ayah Moustafa

My name is Ayah. I'm a media designer/blogger at Tour Egypt with a deep passion for photography and writing. I pixelate my life with no artificial ingredients added it's beautiful just the way it is. I am Egyptian by blood, but born and bred in the Bay Area. I love peanut butter chocolate, Quentin Tarantino & Martin Scorsese movies, and the NBA (mad Lakers fan).