Abu Galum Near Nuweiba City of Egypt

Abu Galum Managed Resource Protected Area

Characterized by its spectacular granite mountains ending abruptly on a narrow coastal plain fronted by rich coral reefs. Abu Galum owes its Protected status to its varied ecosystems, unique back reef communities and excellent coral reefs.

Recent surveys have identified 167 species of desert plants, many of which are not found in either Ras Mohammed or Nabq. As a result, Abu Galum also contains the largest number of Nubian Ibex, Hyrax, Red Fox, Striped Hyena and evidence of other mammalian species. Ten species of lizards and snakes have been identified from the Protectorate. Three of these, namely the Black Cobra, the Horned Viper, and Burton's Carpet Viper are very dangerous and visitors to the area should proceed with caution and avoid sandy areas with vegetation.

Look for tracks in sandy areas.

The Abu Galum Protectorate is managed to ensure that its natural resources are safeguarded from all destructive activities. As a result, diving sites and shore access points are being prepared, nature trails through mountain areas have been identified, the area is being kept clean, Bedouin fishing activities are regulated, and a visitor center is under construction.

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Last Updated: June 15th, 2011