Nabq Managed Resource Protected Area

Nabq Managed Resource Protected Area

As the largest coastal Protectorate on the Gulf of Aqaba (600kilometers squared), Nabq contains a variety of ecosystems that provide for nature viewing experiences unique in the Sinai Peninsula. The Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA) agreed to protect Nabq on the basis of its rich natural resource base. These include:

- the most northerly stand of mangrove trees in the Red Sea/Indian Ocean complex.

- one of the largest single stands of Arak bushes in the Middle East, covering the higher dunes of the Wadi Kid alluvial fan.

- 134 plant species of which six are found only in Nabq

- Gazelle, Nubian Ibex, Hyrax and small mammal populations.

- Rich coral reef communities.

Osprey The Nature Protection Sector of the EEAA, responsible for the management and administration of all Egyptian Protected Areas, has committed itself to a program that fully integrates resident Bedouins into all aspects of its area management strategy.


It is foreseen that selected Bedouin groups will provide all tourism services in the Protectorate. These will include: catering services at the visitor center, guide services, provision of camels for access to areas closed to vehicles, maintenance services, visitor interpretation, operation of camping areas, and other activities of mutual benefit.

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Last Updated: June 15th, 2011