Sannur Cave Protected Area of Egypt


Sannur valley cave reserve in Beni-Suef governorate

This cave is situated 10 km southeast of the big city of Beni-Suef. There are several quarries in the area, some of them were anciently discovered and utilized at the time of pharaohs and others are modern and currently exploited.


Due to the ongoing alabaster drilling operations, 54 big cavities leading to a caves in the bottom of the earth. They contain geological formations known as ups and downs. The cave extends on an area of 700 m, with a width of 15m and a depth of 15m.


The importance of the cave:
The most important feature of the cave is the quality of its natural formations that are the rarest in the world. They also represent an importance to researchers for conducting detailed comparative studies with regard to variations of ancient environmental conditions.


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