Qalaat Al-Gindi, a fortress built by Salah ad-Din located in Sinai, Egypt

Qalaat Al-Gindi

The 12th century fort which Salah ad-Din built almost in the middle of the Sinai, and rediscovered by the Jules Barthoux in 1909, is still largely in tact. Within the fortress were found shops and many vaulted rooms hewn out of rock. A Fatimid style mihrab dominates the fortress. This was a central meeting place for the three caravans that crossed the Sinai, but was also intended to be a fortification against attacks of the Crusaders. Many Muslims from Africa and the Mediterranean also used the caravan routes, so they too ended up at Qalaat Al-Gindi. However, Salah ad-Din managed to beat back the invading Crusaders before the fort was actually completed. Located about 50 miles southeast of the Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel (At Suez) this monument literally sits in the middle of nowhere, and receives few visitors. We understand that there is no public transport to the location at this time, so most people interested in the site must rent a taxi. However, do to the preservation of the site, this may be a worthy excursion.

The area is reached via a turn off at Ras as-Sudr.