Egyptian Food and Recipes



1. fry the onions until brown, but not burnt and keep separate
2. gently cook the garlic in the butter on a slow heat for a minute or so without browning it.
3. add the flour and blend to a past
4. add the yogurt one or two spoons at a time and blend gently (you may have to increase the heat a little) until all the yogurt is mixed. at this stage I had to use an egg whisk to beat the lumps out).
5. add a little of the chicken stock and all of the onions (you can keep some for garnish if you want)
6. keep stirring and add the rest of the stock
7. simmer for about 5 mins. and stir occasionally
8. add salt and pepper and simmer for 5 or so more mins. (if it gets too thick add more stock or a little water).
9. turn heat off an let it rest for 5 mins. or so (if you can wait that long)
10. bil hana wil shefa

It was delicious. Kind regards



By the way Kishk seems to be very forgiving, I made it with chicken stock cubes with real chicken stock and when there was no trace of chicken in the house a couple of beef stock cubes did the trick (the colour was a bit on the dark side but who cares!). I really hope you enjoy it.


Last Updated: June 7th, 2011