Sharm El Sheikh Holidays

Holidays in Sharm

Imagine the thrill of Las Vegas and the tranquility of Hawaii, mixed with endless amounts of exhilarating activities all in one city. Welcome to Sharm El Sheikh. This year round resort city has what every vacationer hopes to find.

During the day, ride the waves with your friends on a Banana Boat or mount a camel and follow the many desert trails. You can water ski your way around the Red Sea or parasail while gazing at Sharm's top view, where the desert merges with the crystal blue waters. If you have an avid hunger for adventure, go on an escapade to the desert for a safari adventure to experience a taste of the Bedouin's culture while watching the sunset And if this isn't enough, be sure to try this once in a lifetime opportunity of sand skiing in the desert. Cool off your adrenaline by going ice skating in the middle of Sinai or even go karting at Sharm's best centers! While our resort shore offers plenty of species and underwater scenery, we recommend you to spend a day on one of our boats, whether you want to snorkel and explore the magical marine life, or just bask in the sun. With a beautiful golf course nearby, one can putt the day away while overlooking a spectacular view. Sharm El Sheikh's Red Sea, deemed as the world's best diving location, offers breathtaking underwater scenery, featuring massive coral reefs, great visibility, and immense varieties of rare and diverse species. Its striking wall and shipwreck destinations as well as its unspoiled underwater life make it a favorite diving location for scuba divers worldwide. Rest assure you won't find trouble in fitting it in your schedule, this year-round diving has comfortable water temperatures (18 to 26 Celsius) with constant sunny weather. No matter what level experience you have or don't have, our established diving center has something for you. After a complete beginner's session featuring a simulation in the pool, you will be able to dive in what is sought as a diver's dream; or if qualified, get a head start by exploring the tantalizing corals and the wondrous ship wrecks to the superb walls of Ras Mohammed and an opportunity to witness the world's rarest species. Other leisure activities available include, among others, archery, tennis, beach volleyball, biking, and much more.

At night, Naema Bay is the place to be. This vibrant location is a hub for all sorts of entertainment. All along the boardwalk, surrounded with numerous hotels and the sea, you'll find band shows, restaurants, cafes, and many shops offering souvenirs, clothes, pottery, jewelry, and much more. There are casinos, discos, and night clubs, including famous chains such as Hard Rock Cafe. Pacha Sharm El Sheikh offers the complete party package. This ultra-chic massive party brings you everything from swimming pools with waterfalls, dance floors, foam party area, to acrobats, whirling dervishes, dancers and fire shows while playing you hard-hitting rhythms including dance, hip-hop, R&B, and timeless classics. This eclectic, open-air clubbing scene keeps the crowd grooving from dusk till dawn.

Sharm El Sheikh's key location allows you to go on excursions to beautiful scenic locations nearby such as St. Catherine's Monastery and Mt. Sinai, the colored canyon, Ras Mohamed National Park, Dahab, and Nuweiba.

Its white sandy beaches, tranquil setting, vibrant nightlife, and outgoing local population combine to make this an ideal holiday resort.