Sun-Temples of Abu Ghurab

The Sun-Temples of Abu Ghurab

These temples were built during the 5th Dynasty when the solar cult was the State religion. They are located about 1 km northeast of Sahure's Pyramid. The purpose of these temples are purely devotional and no pharaohs were buried in them. The Sun-Temple of Userkaf is little more than a pile of rubble. Fortunately, it was identical to the Sun-Temple of Nyuserre so little is lost. On the western end of the complex, once stood an obelisk which was 70m high. The obelisk was the symbol of the sun's resting place at the end of the day. At the center of the courtyard stands an alabaster altar, which would have been at the base of the obelisk. In the northeast corner of the courtyard are nine alabaster basins. Originally there were ten basins. These basins were used to hold sacrificed animals' blood, which ran through channels cut in the paving.