Miscellaneous Shipwrecks of the Red Sea Not Found in Egyptian Waters

Miscellaneous Shipwrecks of the Red Sea
Not Found in Egyptian Waters

By Ned Middleton

Note: Ned Middleton is a professional Underwater Photo-Journalist who has published a number of articles in recent years about Red Sea Wrecks. Please send corrections to Ned Middleton here. Please note that Ned Middleton requests any amendments, details or corrections involving these wrecks, or information on any additional shipwrecks.

Aminah II. Saudi Arabian general cargo vessel of 1,194 grt built in Nantes and launched in 1956. Her dimensions were 69.3m x 11.26m with a draught of 5.95m. On 8th June 1980, the entire crew of the Aminah II were rescued by a ship with one of the longest names in Maritime history - the "Fliegerkosmonaut der DDR Sigmund Jahn." The Aminah II had been drifting for four days and sank soon after being abandoned at Lat. 17 23 N, Long. 40 33 E.

An Anne. Liberian registered bulk carrier of 9,894 grt built in Glasgow and launched in 1962. Her dimensions were 152.6m x 20.43m with a draught of 11.89m.. With a cargo of Rock Phosphate, the An Anne departed Aqaba en route for Karachi and on 20th February 1983 struck Abu Faramish Reef about 35 miles north of Jeddah. The vessel subsequently broke in two before sinking.

Anatoli. Cypriot general cargo vessel of 2,769 grt built in Germany and launched in 1953. Her dimensions were 94.77m x 13.67m with a draught of 8.31m. The Anatoli had been at anchor off Jeddah since 30th October 1976 awaiting a cargo when, on November 28th, the American steam barge carrier "Lash Atlantico" collided with her. The Anatoli sank at Lat. 21 27 48" N, Long. 39 07 12" E.

Antonios III. Lebanese steamship of 1,598 grt built in New Orleans and launched in 1944. Her dimensions were 79.23m x 12.88m with a draught of 6.21m. On March 5th 1966, the Antonios III ran hard aground north of Port Sudan at Lat. 21 15 N, Long. 37 12 E. The vessel was abandoned as a constructive total loss.

Atlas. Greek Tanker of 4,009 grt built by R Craggs and Sons and launched in 1909. On 6 September 1940 the Atlas was torpedoed by the Italian Submarine "Guglielmotti" and sank at position 15 50'N, 41 50'E in deep water off the coast of Yemen. In 2001, this vessel was reported as having been discovered 600 miles further to the north off Rs Banas...

Boleslaw Krzywousty. Polish freighter of 8,146 grt built in 1970. On 3 January 1990, she was attacked from the Eritrean shore by rocket fire. The ship subsequently sank 600 miles from Massawa at position 16 23.5" N, 39 12.2" E. 29 crew and wife of one officer on board were all captured by Eritrean rebels but later released. Vessel was subsequently declared a war constructive total loss.

Cedar Star. Lebanese freighter of 1,315 grt built in 1961. On a voyage from Lebanon to Port Sudan carrying 170 soldiers of the Arab League Peace Keeping force, the Cedar Star ran aground on Elba reef in Sudanese waters on 22 November 1978. Due to high seas and the vessels precarious condition, it was a full three days before Sudanese military helicopters were able to rescue the passengers and crew. After which the vessel was abandoned as a constructive total loss.

C. Eregli. Turkish bulk carrier of 9,271 grt built in 1974. Following a collision with the 81,000 tonne tanker Mendana Spirit off the coast of Yemen on 10 February 1991, the C. Eregli sank with the loss of one life - the Captain.

Chieh Lung. Panamanian freighter of 6,629 grt built in 1953. While in an empty condition at Hodeidah Roads, the Chieh Lung dragged her anchor on 16 January 1979. The vessel drifted for 10miles before eventually becoming wrecked.

Despina. Greek freighter of 3,016 grt built in 1907. On a voyage from Calcutta to Port Said with a cargo of coal, she caught fire and was abandoned in the Red Sea. The vessel drifted towards Saudi Arabia and eventually sank of Rbigh on 19 July 1952.

Emil. Greek general cargo vessel of 3,810 grt built in Amsterdam and launched in 1958. Her dimensions were 119.49m x 15.02m with a draught of 8.08m. On 10th December 1979 the fully loaded Emil was berthed in Port Sudan harbour when fire broke out following an explosion in her engine room. She was towed out of the harbour and abandoned at Lat. 19 37 30" N, Long. 37 17 00" E.

Fin. Small Newfoundland Trader wrecked somewhere in the Red Sea on 13 February 1907.

Frangestan. Hong Kong registered steel screw steamer of 8,228 grt built by Palmers of Newcastle and launched in January 1899. On 2 April 1924 the Frangestan was lost somewhere in the Red Sea.

Gismatallah. Saudi Arabian Freighter of 1,398 grt built in 1938. On an undeclared voyage, she was lost Qwasiyah Reef, Jeddah Roads on 26 March 1979.

Hazim. Small Egyptian cargo boat of 251 grt. On a voyage from Alexandria to Jeddah a cargo of Tyres, Tobacco and Tea, the Hazim was lost at position 28 18 N, 36 12 E on 19 August 1949.

Hong Kong. Peninsular and Oriental steamship of 3,174 grt built by Caird & Co and launched in May 1889. Her dimensions were 106.5m x 12.8m with a draught of 8m. In addition to sails fore and aft, she was powered by a 3 cylinder triple expansion steam engine. Occasionally wrongly described as being in the Egyptian Red Sea, the Hong Kong struck Azalea Reef in the Yemen on 5th December1890 and was lost. She was out of London, destined for Shanghai with a general cargo under command of Captain W. J. B. Watkins.

Ike. American freighter of 7,209 grt built in 1945. On a voyage to Saigon with an unspecified cargo when she was lost on the Hanish Islands on 29 November 1962.

Iona. Details not known of this vessel which hit a reef and sank off Yenbo, Saudi Arabia approx. 1920.

Irene. Lebanese registered merchant ship of 1,499 grt built in 1913. Whilst in ballast from Mocha to Port Sudan she was lost on the reef outside Port Sudan harbour on 29 November 1961.

Jork. Panamanian Cargo vessel of 999 grt built in Hamburg and launched in 1971. The Jork was lost on 27 May 1986. Position not known.

Karin Vatis. Greek Bulk Carrier of 22,114 grt carrying 31,620 tons of scrap metal. On November 16 1985 she developed a leak and eventually sank at position 25 13 N, 35 44 E - in over 600m of water.

Laeicz German steel screw steamer of 4,500 grt built in Flensburg and launched in 1901. On 16 March 1908 the Laiecz was lost somewhere in the Red Sea.

Levanzo. Italian steel screw steamer of 3,875 grt built in Livorno (Leghorn) and launched in 1901. On 14 March 1923 the Levanzo drove hard onto Elba Reef in North Sudanese waters and was lost.

Marko Tasilo. Yugoslavian general cargo vessel of 1,999 grt built in Germany and launched in 1970. Her dimensions were 95.2m x 14.2m with a draught of 5.53m. On 12th July 1990, the Marko Tasilo was in ballast when she was in collision with the 14,965 grt bulk carrier "Atlantic Trader" and later sank at Lat. 15 41 N, Long. 41 38 E.

Mushteri. Small Turkish cargo boat of 636 grt. On a voyage to Hodeidah with a general cargo, she was lost on Boheira Reef, Jeddah on 30 May 1909.

Nimos. Greek general cargo vessel of 2,095 grt built in Italy and launched in 1950. Her dimensions were 97.21m x 14.08m with a draught of 8.92m. On a journey from Jeddah to Port Sudan, the Nimos ran aground at Lat. 19 29 N, Long. 37 24 E on 21st March 1978. She was carrying a general cargo plus 123 cars. After stranding, the weather deteriorated and lifeboats were smashed against the hull. The crew then took to the life-rafts from which all 18 were safely rescued. The Nimos was later abandoned as a constructive total loss.

Orpheus. Greek bulk carrier of 13,553 grt built in 1961. On a voyage from Piraeus to Yenbo, Saudi Arabia with a cargo of bulk cement she struck Shuaiba Reef, Saudi Arabia in position 24 2548" N, 37 08 00" E and was lost on 17 June 1979. The 29 man crew were all safely rescued.

Paramatta. Small British sailing cargo ship of 400 grt built in Sunderland in the 1840s and lost somewhere in the Red Sea whilst on a voyage to London.

Pat 4. Kuwaiti freighter of 1,923 grt built in 1951. On a voyage from Hamriyah to Suez with a general cargo, she struck Hamriyah Breakwater in heavy weather and sank on 28th June 1979.

Perra Alma. One of two wrecks reported on the Hanish Islands - midway between Eritrea and Yemen in the Southern Red Sea. The islands belong to Eritrea. Little is known about this wreck and the name may be incorrect.

Sadaka. Often confused with the Sadana, the Sadaka was a Saudi Arabian freighter of 1,112 grt built in Turku, Finland and launched in1963. On 5th September 1980, with a cargo of 3,000 live sheep, the Sadaka experienced engine failure and after drifting ran aground on Mismari Reef and was wrecked. Her final position is recorded as 20 19 30" N, 39 05" 54"E.

Sheikh Berkhud. Small Egyptian cargo boat of 473 grt. On a voyage from Suez to Port Sudan with a general cargo, she was lost somewhere in the Red Sea on 31 October 1926.

Shiqma. Israeli Container ship of 6,277 grt which developed a serious list and then sank at position 18 28N, 39 23E - approximately 150 miles south-east of Port Sudan in over 700m of water. Launched as the Shiqma in 1965, she was renamed "Pine" in 1974 but reverted to her original name in 1975.

Sumatra. Peninsular and Oriental steamship of 2,488 grt built by Derry & Co of Dumbarton and launched on 13th September 1867. Her dimensions were 97.03m x 11.68m with a draught of 8.03m. In addition to sails fore and aft, she was also equipped with a single steam piston engine capable of providing a top speed of 13 knots. In 1869, the Sumatra rescued the survivors of the Carnatic and delivered them safely to Suez. In May 1886, however, she was sold to Hajee Cassum Joosub of Bombay and used for the Mecca Pilgrimage Trade. On 4th March 1889 the Sumatra caught fire and was lost in the Southern Red Sea. Her final position is not recorded.

Taseer. United Arab Emirates general cargo vessel of 1,900 grt built in Sweden and launched in 1952. Her dimensions were 94.14m x 13.75m with a draught of 6.0m. While laid up at Jeddah, the Taseer was sold to Pakistani ship-breakers and duly sailed for Gadani Beach. On 4th April 1986 she ran aground at Shaab Loka in Lat. 18 44 N, Long. 38 33 E. Salvage tugs were unable to refloat the ship which was later abandoned as a constructive total loss.

Tatiangela. Greek freighter of 419 grt built in 1955. On a voyage from Assab to Jeddah with a cargo of coffee, horse beans and pumpkin seeds, she sank east of Port Sudan on 4 January 1979 at position 19 18 N, 39 53 E following main engine damage during heavy weather.

Tirrenia. Finnish Freighter of 3,957 grt built in Sunderland and launched in 1905. On a journey from Costanza to China with a cargo of ammonium nitrate, the Tirrenia caught fire east of Port Sudan. The master of a passing motor tanker Olav Ringdal Jr reported that the Tirrenia exploded at 10:58 pm (GMT) 23 January 1953 and that the vessel had sunk at position 19 11 N, 39 18 E and that the crew were now safe on board his ship.

Turc. Turkish iron screw steamer of 1,736 grt built in Sunderland and launched in April 1873 as the Severn. Later renamed Mustapha Bey before finally becoming registered as the Turc. In May 1895 the Turc ran aground and broke in two on Abu Madafi Reef approximately 40 miles north of Jeddah at position 22 03 N, 38 45 E and became a constructive total loss. No lives were lost.

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