The Pharaonic Village - Ancient Egyptian Technology Exhibit

The Pharaonic Village: Ancient Egyptian Technology

Ancient Egyptian Technology
Exhibition and Workshop

by Mr. Denys Stocks

Ancient Egyptian craftworkers not only skillfully designed and made the wonderful buildings and objects to be seen in Egypt and its extensive museum collections, but also created the tools necessary for working stone, wood, gold, silver, copper and bronze into those artifacts. But exactly how did ancient workers cut limestone and granite into building blocks, make the huge obelisks, carve reliefs and hieroglyphic inscriptions into soft and hard stones, fashion statuary, make beads and amulets from semi-precious stones for necklaces, drill out stone vessels, and shape and hollow massive stone sarcophagi for the burial of their pharaohs?

Drilling Single and Multiple Holes Tools of the Ancient Egyptians

Now, after twenty-five years' research into ancient Egyptian technology, and after three years' preparation in England and Cairo, visitors to the Pharaonic Village can see many ancient Egyptian stoneworking, metalworking and woodworking techniques in an exhibition and workshop area. The workshop has over 100 replica and reconstructed tools for demonstration. Specially trained guides explain the tools and technology through and exhibition of illustrations, model tools and materials. Trained workers are on hand to show how the full-sized replica and reconstructed tools work on stone, metal and wood.

Drilling Large Holes into Stone
Using a Primitive Saw to Cut Wood