Egypt: Travel Tips - What to Wear

What to Wear

Egypt is a conservative country and visitors should respect this attitude. No topless or nude bathing is permitted.

On the practical side, leave your synthetics at home as they will prove to be too hot in summer and not warm enough in winter - bring materials that breathe. It is advisable to wear cotton in summer as the heat can be like a furnace. During wintertime, wear layers that can be taken off during the heat of the day and put back on for cool evenings.

Wear loose and flowing garments, which are not only modest, but practical in a hot climate. Have you ever wondered why the Bedouins wear layers of flowing robes? Why they cover their heads and the back of their necks? Centuries of living in desert climates have taught them that loose garments keep one cooler and layered garments allow wind to enter and circulate, creating a natural ventilation system. Protecting the head and neck from loss of moisture prevents heat stroke.

Bring comfortable shoes. You will be doing a lot of walking and temple floors are far from even. In summer, wear a hat to protect yourself from the heat of the Egyptian sun.

What to Bring

Above all, travel light. Get wheels for your luggage and leave heavy items at home. If you dont bring a camera you will be sorry. Sunglasses are a must as the sun is very strong in Egypt.

If you bring a professional camera, there will be a surcharge for entering a site with a tripod.

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Last Updated: April 23rd, 2011