Who's Who of Egyptian people, queens and family: Amenemhab


18th Dynasty

Amenemhab was a military official during the reign of Tuthmosis III and Amenhotep II. Tuthmosis' wife, who had been a nurse for the royal family, introduced Amenemhab to Tuthmosis. He entered the military and was promoted to the rank of general while Egypt was on the march against rival confederacies.

The reliefs in Amenemhab's mortuary tomb gave significant insight into the battles of Tuthmosis, who was called Egypt's warrior king. According to the inscriptions, Amenemhab is said to have saved the king's life by cutting off a charging elephant's trunk. Another time he is said to have cut out the belly of a mare that was sent into the stallion cavalry units by an enemy to avoid a mating frenzy.

Amenemhab remained at Tuthmosis' side serving his king. He maintained his position during the first years of the reign of Amenhotep II after his accession to the throne.

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