Who's Who of Egyptian people, queens and family: Amenyseneb


Thirteenth Dynasty

A priest in the temple at Abydos during the reign of King Userkare Khendjer, Amenyseneb was Controller of the Phyle, the monthly roster or 'watch' of priests serving in the temple. On his funerary stele he is accompanied by members of his family, other priestly colleagues and a variety of servants, mostly named and with their duties described. They include a brewer and a baker, thus ensuring a proper supply of food and drink for Amenyseneb in the afterlife.

Amenyseneb describes, on another stela which carries the cartouche of Userkare Khendjer, how he restored the temple of Osiris at Abydos. It was during the reign of King Khendjer that the so-called 'Bed of Osiris', a basalt figure of the god lying on a lion-bed, was placed in the tomb of King Djer, which was believed to be the god's own tomb.

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Last Updated: June 21st, 2011