Who's Who of Egyptian people, queens and family: Hardadef


4th Dynasty

Hardadef was a prince during the 4th Dynasty and was the son of Khufu and possibly Queen Meritites. In some lists he is called Djedefhor and is thought to have been one of the heirs to the throne along with his brother Baufre, but never succeeded his father. He is buried near the Great Pyramid of Khufu in a large mastaba. His name appears in a royal cartouche in the Wadi Hammamat inscriptions. It is believed that he is the author of a literary text to his son, Prince Auibre. This series of instructions to his son urge the prince to get married, raise strong sons and to remember that the "house of death is for life". He is also responsible for other texts that were written and for being quoted by sages throughout Egyptian history.

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Last Updated: June 20th, 2011