Who's Who of Ancient Egypt - Egyptian people, queens and family: Isodorus


Ptolemaic Dynasty

Isidorus was an Alexandrian Greek who was listed in a literary compendium of fictional 'Martyr-acts' which purport to detail encounters, in a form which may be based on genuine documentary reports of such proceedings. He is quoted as saying to emperor Claudius: 'My lord Caesar, what do you care for a twopenny-halfpenny Jew like Agrippa?... I accuse them of wishing to stir up the entire world... They are not of the same nature as the Alexandrians, but live rather after the fashion of the Egyptian... I am neither a slave nor a girl-musician's son but gymnasiarch of the glorious city of Alexandria, but you are the cast-off son of the Jewess Salome!"

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Last Updated: June 19th, 2011