Who's Who of Egyptian people, queens and family: Maiherperi


Eighteenth Dynasty

A much favored friend of the king, Maiherperi is depicted in the splendid papyrus which accompanied him into his tomb. In it he is shown to have been dark skinned. He was probably the child of a Nubian mother and one of the kings of the early part of the dynasty. His particular status may have been the consequence of having been the foster brother of one of the king's sons, in all probability Thutmose III, although Thutmose IV has also been suggested as the king reigning when Maiherperi was buried.

He bore the title 'Fan Bearer on the Right Hand of the King', a position of great honor. He was also a royal page. He was given the singular privilege of burial in the royal necropolis (KV 36).

Maiherperi's tomb was robbed but nonetheless many of the sumptuous offerings buried with him survived. Amongst them were two finely chased dog collars. The name of one of his dogs is recorded in the tomb: Tantanouet.

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Last Updated: June 20th, 2011