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Abydos, or Abjdu (ancient name Abdjw), is one of the oldest necropolises in Egypt, containing what is thought to be the tombs of some of Egypt's predynastic rulers, the united country's very first kings, as well as several important temples. It remained sacred ground throughout much of Egyptian history, and was even considered by the ancient Egyptians to be a burial site of its ancient god, Osiris. Non-royal individuals were also buried at Abydos.

In fact, the emphasis upon Osiris during later times caused Abydos to be a pilgrimage site. Festivals dedicated to Osiris and "passion plays" were performed here from about he 12th Dynasty until the Christian era.

Abydos is actually split up among several general archaeological sites. For example, the 1st Dynasty kings are buried in a region known as Umm el Qa'ab, meaning "mother of Pots, due to all of the shards that littered the ground.

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