Shopping Around in Egypt - Carpets and Handicrafts in Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El-Sheikh

Carpets, incense and handicrafts in Sharm El-Sheikh

By Daniel Lanier

An article about buying souvenirs in Sharm El-Sheikh, many cynics argue, should necessarily lead to only one advice: Never buy souvenirs in Sharm El-Sheikh! That seems a little bit exaggerated, of course, but like all exaggerations, it bears a little truth. Souvenirs in Sharm El-Sheikh are extraordinarily expensive.

If you travel through Cairo during your trip to Sharm El-Sheikh, you should consider buying souvenirs there. They are much cheaper and you'll find a similar selection. But, of course, there are shops in Sharm El-Sheikh, too, which are it worth exploring. Baraka Carpets and Aladin are two of them. Both I found recommended by foreign expatriats living in Sharm, after I asked them to where would they take private guests, relatives, friends for a shopping tour.

Baraka Carpets has an overwhelming selection of different carpets, in number as well as in style. When I entered the shop a few weeks ago, it was full of of people, foreign as well as Egyptian tourists, apparently because they enjoyed the hassle-free shopping. Mourad Mahfouz, the shop owner, wants his customers to feel comfortable, therefore he watches them quietly from the background, always ready to assist, of course, or to even invite them for a glass of tea or a cup of coffee.

Baraka Carpets offers all kind of carpets, little ones and big ones, from wool or silk, Bedouin-style or modern, cheap or expensive, and patchwork as well as other handicrafts. He produces in his own workshops as well as collecting products from all over Egypt.

Aladin, the second recommendable place for buying souvenirs in Sharm El-Sheikh, is a very special gift shop. From incense to glass products, from earthenware to necklaces, from woodwork to woven goods a little room full of thousands of marvelous little somethings invites you to enjoy the fun of discovering the ultimate souvenir.

Baraka Carpets Naama Bay, Sharm El-Sheikh, South Sinai, Egypt. In front of the Sanafir Hotel. Open daily from 10:30 am till 1:00 am, occasionally closed in the afternoon.

Telephone: +201221 81 597 or +20122272363.

Aladin Falcon El-Diar Hotel, shop outside to Sharm's pedestrian boulevard, Naama Bay, Sharm El-Sheikh, South Sinai, Egypt. Open daily 11:00 am to 1:00 pm, 7:00 pm to 11:30 pm.

Telephone: +2069600828.

last updated: June 8th, 2011