Editor's Commentary From Webmaster and Publisher Jimmy Dunn - Nazmy Farag

Editor's Commentary

Nazmy Farag

By Jimmy Dunn

I consider him both a friend and an unsung hero of Egyptian tourism. As a friend, he is the one Egyptian I have known longest and been in continuous contact. We have shared many meals together, more than a few laughs and even Christmas tidings, as he is Coptic Christian. Perhaps it is his easy going manner, and quiet disposition that makes him so likeable, as well as a fine example of the Egyptian soul. He is so utterly pleasant and warm, that I cannot come within his presence without gaining a relaxed smile.

But through thick and then, through various of our managers and many changes to Tour Egypt over the years, he began the Tour Egypt effort with us as our primary contact in the ETA and Ministry of Tourism, as he remains today. When we have needs, or cannot answer a question, he is who we go to for answers. In the background, we know he has waged battles for us sometimes, and helped to allow us a large degree of creative freedom in our efforts with the Tour Egypt web site.

Last Updated: June 13th, 2011