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Funerary Collection

The Egyptians formulated definite ideas about the soul and its immortality. Their conception of the human personality was rather complicated. The 'Ba' which is loosely translated as the soul, and the 'ka', or the essence of life ,together with the individual's name and body united to form a human entity. Consequently, the preservation of these elements insured the immortality of a human being . Keen as they were to live forever, the Egyptians thus directed all their efforts to the enhancement of their funerary equipment .The body was mummified elaborately, placed in a well-suited sarcophagus which was placed within the tomb. It was within this tomb that both the 'Ba' and the 'Ka' united to cause a man to thrive after his death . Perhaps the most outstanding feature of their beliefs was the definite conviction of the persistence of life after death. This laid the foundation for the complete and elaborate funerary system of the ancient Egyptians.

Canopic Jars of inpuhotep

Sarcophagus of kawit

Funerary Mask

Amarna Canopic Jar

Mummy Mask of Thuya

Sarcophagus of Ashait

Amarna Canopic Jar

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