Ancient Egypt News

Ancient Egypt News

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Egyptians Suffered Heart Attacks 3,500 Years Ago Thaindian News Jan 26, 2010

The Legacy Of Howard Carter - Did King Tut's Discoverer Steal From The Tomb? Free Internet Press Jan 19, 2010

Museum Director Defends Right to Nefertiti Bust M & C News Dec 28, 2009

BYU's 'Campus' Extends to Egypt, Pyramids Deseret News Dec 23, 2009

New Cleopatra Exhibition to Make World Premiere at Philadelphia's Franklin Institute in Spring 2010 PR Newswire Dec 3, 2009

Elaborate Measures Keep Tut Collection Safe The Star Nov 23, 2009

The Quest to Regain Egypt's Antiquities BBC news Nov 17, 2009

Stanford Scans of Mummy to be Featured in San Francisco Museum Exhibition Stanford School of Medicine Nov 9, 2009

Egypt Becomes More Popular With Families This Half Term Skyscanner Oct 29, 2009

Dr Granvilles Mummy Was Killed By TB, Not a Tumour, Researchers Reveal Times Online Oct 5, 2009

A Tale of Tutankhamun Sherwood Gazette Sept 28, 2009

Tunnel Links Continents, Uncovers Ancient History Sept 22, 2009

Zahi Hawass Debates New Discovery in Egypt! Sept 18, 2009

Mummy Worshippers Return to Swansea Museum WalesOnline Sept 14, 2009

Exhibition at Museum of Fine Arts, Boston to Unlock the Secrets of Tomb 10A: Egypt 2000 BC Sept 4, 2009

Lost Egypt: Ancient Secrets, Modern Science Coming to Museum Center Examiner Sept 3, 2009

A.R.E. Team Finds Ancient Underground Passages and Caves Beneath the Giza Pyramids Examiner Sept 1, 2009

Historic Travel 101: What Are Some of the Best Museums to Visit? Examiner Aug 24, 2009

Egyptian Tombs to Close Forever Wanderlust Aug 21, 2009

Theres Two Doctors in The House at West Overton Gazette and Herald July 31, 2009

Should Nefertiti and the Elgin Marbles Go Home? New West July 30, 2009

Goddess, Tyrant and Scholar... The Real Woman Behind The Mask of Cleopatra Yorkshire Post July 23, 2009

Becoming an Egyptologist Examiner July 22, 2009

Today in History: Events of July 19 Examiner July 21, 1009

Destination: World Examiner July 13, 2009

The Lost Queen of Egypt Examiner July 2, 2009

Golden Tut Rules Tulsa World May 12, 2009

Pyramid Site Yields Older Relics BBC News May 11, 2009

Travel to the Tombs of Ancient Egypt with Muse de la Civilisacion Inventorspot May 5, 2009

King Tut Reigns For Two More Weeks at Dallas Museum of Art News OK Blog May 4, 2009

Team's Re-Creation of Ancient Karnak Brings History of Pharaohs to Life UCLA Today Apr 27, 2009

Egyptians Hope to Find Cleopatra's Tomb Timesonline Apr 20, 2009

Russian Archeologists Discover Golden-Masked Mummies in Egypt Russian News Apr 9, 2009

'Beauty of Nile' Unmasked Wrinkles and All The Independent World Apr 1, 2009

Egypt Takes Steps To Preserve Ancient Ruins Mar 27, 2009

Egypts Bent Pyramid to Open Wanderlust Mar 26, 2009

Egypt to Open Lesser-Known Pyramids to Tourists Fox News Mar 17,2009

Egyptian Beauty Nefertiti Will Move to Stylish New Berlin Home Bloomberg Mar 16, 2009

Maritime Archaeologist at Helm of Modern Journey to Ancient Egyptian Land Mar 11, 2009

3,500-Year-Old Egyptian Tomb Rediscovered CBS News Mar 9. 2009

A Little Piece of the Afterlife Feb 25, 2009

Computed Tomography Images Ancient Egyptian Mummy MedGadget Feb 24, 2009

When King Tut Came to San Francisco Feb 24, 2009

Mummy Storeroom Found in Egyptian Tomb MSNBC Feb 10, 2009

Rare Napoleon Works From Egypt Come to SUArt Galleries Daily Orange Feb 6, 2009

Finnish Researchers Dig Through Millennia in the Valley of the Kings Helsinki Univ Jan 29, 2009

Homegrown: Andrew Bayuk of Coral Springs Sun Sentinel Jan, 14 2009

Digging It: Archeology in Egypt WRMEA Jan 8, 2009

Breathing Life into Death on the Nile Globe and Mail Jan 5, 2009

Our Crumbling Heritage Yorkshire Evening Post Dec 31, 2008

Museum Mummy Murder Mystery Sunday Dec 17, 2008

Wonders and Warmth Greet Visitors to Luxor Dec 16, 2008

Museum, COSI Plan Egypt Projects Columbus Dispatch Dec 12, 2008

'Egypt Unveiled' Exhibition on View at Firestone Princeton Dec 9,2008

Travel Story: Janet Sexton Dec 5, 2008

Travel Picks: 10 Most Interesting Traditional Foods Reuters Dec 1, 2008

This Month on Inside the Middle East Nov 25, 2008

Mystery of the Screaming Man Revealed Daily Mail Nov 20, 2008

4,300-Year-Old Pyramid Found in Egypt Fox News Nov 11, 2008

Napoleon's Egypt Invasion Sparked Art Craze, Gave Paris Its Own Bloomberg Nov 10, 2008

UCLA Opens Egypt's First Official Archaeology Field School for U.S. Undergrads UCLA Today Nov 5, 2008

Cast Your Eyes Over Priceless Ancient Treasures Liverpool Echo Nov 4, 2008

Napoleon in Egypt Christian Science Monitor Oct 31,2008

Last Call For Egyptian Archaeology Exhibit in Miami Oct 22, 2008

ROM Hosts International Symposium on Ancient Egypt and Nubia Art Daily Oct 17, 2008

For Your Information, Theres More Than One Rosetta Stone, Says Egyptologist Daily News Oct 14, 2008

More Than A Blink Oct 2, 2008

Mysterious, Exotic Egypt The Sept 29, 2008

Leafing Through Al-Ahram Aug 29, 2008

The Art of The Day Trip Aug 25, 2008

Highly Recommended Show of Egyptian Art and Antiquities Harrogate Advertiser Aug 18, 2008

Could This Be The Daughter Of King Tutankhamun? Daily Mail Aug 8, 2008

A Conversation With Doctor Salima Ikram American Chronicle Aug 6, 2008

Sailing Into Eternity Al-Ahram Aug 4, 2008

Egyptian Tombs Beckon The Leader July 30, 2008

Mummies Cover-Up Reversed Manchester Evening News July 25, 2008

Colleen Anderson Essay: In defense of the Philippi Mummies West Virginia Public Broadcasting July 23, 2008

When London and Paris Looked to the Nile for Inspiration New York Times July 14, 2008

Egyptian Artifacts to Debut at IMA July 11,2008

HOW THE PHARAOHS WERE FED Cosmic Log July 4,2008

Excavating Egypt: Great Discoveries from the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology June 30, 2008

Luxor and TheTemples of Karnak Jamaica Gleaner June 12, 2008

Author-2-Author Interview: Secret of the Sands American Chronicle June 6, 2008

Giant Fortress's Remains Found in Egypt National Geographic June 2,2008

3,500-Year-Old Mummy To Get DNA Test CBS News June 2, 2008

New Aphrodite Statue, Cleopatra Bust and other Artifacts Discovered Near Alexandria International Herald Tribune May 26, 2008

Al Fayed, a Princess and Another Theory the Establishment Denies Times Online May 19, 2008

Ancient Egypt Games Online Egyptology News May 18, 2008

Rare Coins of Emperor Valens Found in Egypt Egyptology News May 17, 2008

Mummies Come to Birmingham Birmingham Post May 17, 2008

Sacred Sinai Al-Ahram Weekly Online May 15, 2008

West Bank Dewatering Jane Akshar May 15, 2008

Pi, Phi and the Great Pyramid Egyptology News May 14, 2008

Egyptologist Cathleen Keller Dies at Age 62 UC Berkeley News May 7, 2008

Egypt's Pyramids Packed With Seashells Discovery News April 25, 2008

Egypt's Sunken Treasure Moors in Madrid Al-Ahram Weekly Online April 25, 2008

A New Angle on Pyramids The Boston Globe April 22, 2008

Crocodile Museum opens in Aswan Egyptology Blogspot April 21, 2008

Egypt's Colossi of Memnon to be Reunited with their Twins AFP April 17, 2008

Egypt's Ancient Glass Egyptology Blogspot April 11, 2008

Free Lecture by Mummy Expert Slated for April 10 at UH April 4, 2008

Banking on King Tut Al-Ahram Weekly Online April 3, 2008

Fifty Years of Czech Egyptology The Prague Post April 2, 2008

Young Pharaoh Played with Marbles IOL April 1, 2008

Cleopatra's Suicide by Snake a Myth? The Discovery Channel April 1, 2008

Intact Colossus of Egypt's Queen Tiye Found National Geographic March 31, 2008

Donkey Reverence in Early Egypt The History Blog March 25, 2008

Maladies & Treatments: Ancient Egypt Unusual Historicals March 25, 2008

Back to Reality Lost Egypt Exhibition March 25, 2008

Archaeologists of Ancient Monuments of Egypt Kerala Articles March 23, 2008

Ready to Sail into History... Daily Echo March 23, 2008

Egypt Threatens to Withdraw Objects from Swiss Show Reuters March 20, 2008

Artifacts Up for Auction to Pay Debt Egyptology Blogspot March 16, 2008

Egyptian Mummy Exhibit May Be Son of Ramesses II Egyptology Blogspot March 16, 2008

Dig Diaries Closed Egyptology Blogspot March 15, 2008

Antiquity Smugglers Arrested Egyptology Blogspot March 13, 2008

The Spirit of Monasticism in Upper Egypt Al-Ahram Weekly Online March 13, 2008

Exhibition: Egypt, Gift of the Nile going to Chatham (Canada) Egyptology Blogspot March 11, 2008

A Small Museum Full of History Egyptology Blogspot March 11, 2008

Ancient Mediterranean Tsunami May Strike Again National Geographic March 10, 2008

Returning Mummies to their Tombs Egyptology Blogspot March 5, 2008

Auction: Roman Statue of Purple Porphyry Egyptology Blogspot March 5, 2008

TV Review: Monster Moves - Rescuing Ramesses Egyptology Blogspot March 5, 2008

Archeologists Find Ancient Cemetery in Egypt March 4, 2008

In Pictures: Egypt's Hidden Treasures BBC March 3, 2008

Careers for Women in Ancient Egypt BBC March 3, 2008

Bolton Museum Mummy Found to be Royalty Egyptology Blogspot March 3, 2008

Mummy's the Word for Museum Staff This is Lancashire March 2, 2008

New Discoveries in Egypt Announced by Hawass Egyptology Blogspot March 1, 2008

Second Phase of Grand Egyptian Museum Finalized in March Egyptology Blogspot February 29, 2008

Mystery of the Mummy from KV55 Egyptology Blogspot February 29, 2008

New Book: Pharaonic Inscriptions from the Southeastern Desert of Egypt Egyptology Blogspot February 29, 2008

False Doors for the Dead Among New Egypt Tomb Finds National Geographic News February 25, 2008

Together in the Spirit of Ancient Egypt Al-Ahram Weekly Online February 25, 2008

Hopkins Students Dig Egypt Baltimore Sun February 13, 2008

Health-care Plan in Ancient Egypt? Orlando Sentinel February 13, 2008

Mummified Dogs, Among Other Relics Unearthed in Egypt Thaindian News February 1, 2008

Bushey Museum Stages Curriculum Friendly Exhibition on Egypt Bucks Free Press February 1, 2008

There is Meaning Behind 'Setting Sun' Comment January 31, 2008

Ancient Archaeological City Unearthed in Egypt China View January 29, 2008

Curtain Falls on Antiques Rogue Show as Last of Family Forgers Convicted Guardian Unlimited January 29, 2008

Library Talk by Egypt Expert Scarborough Evening News January 29, 2008

Clarification re Tutankhamun in Vienna Andie Byrnes January 23, 2008

Exhibition: Egipto, Nubia y Oriente Proximo Andie Byrnes January 23, 2008

Secrets of the Tomb of Neferinpu Andie Byrnes January 23, 2008

'Artful Codger' Sentenced for Art Scam The Standard January 12, 2008

DVD Review: Secrets Of Egypt's Lost Queen December 31, 2007

Egypt Scientists Say Rising Groundwater Endangers Monuments MCOT English News December 30, 2007

Ancient Egyptians May have Traveled as Far as the Fabled Saharan Land of Yam Thaindian News December 28, 2007

Egypt to Copyright Pyramids AFP December 25, 2007

Signs of TB in Ancient Skull Support Theory on Vitamin D New York Times December 18, 2007

Ancient Egyptian Glassmaking Recreated Science Daily December 14, 2007

Egypt's Christians and their Heritage Al-Ahram Weekly December 13, 2007

The Discovery Of Egypt The New York Sun December 12, 2007

'Pyramid' Coins Mark the Return of the Mummy December 6, 2007

All That Glitters New Statesman December 5, 2007

Mysteries of Ancient Egypt Revealed December 5, 2007

Remains of 4,000-year-old Dam Found in Upper Egypt Xinhua News Agency December 2, 2007

Russian Archaeologists Find Unique Mummies in Egypt Russian News & Information Agency November 27, 2007