The Revival of the Ancient Library of Alexandria - Facts & Figures

Facts and Figures

The cost of this ambitious international project is estimated at US $172 million. This does not include the cost of the land, the Conference Center, the Consultant fees and GOAL's budget that were donated by the Government of Egypt and are worth US $182 million.

The Library construction cost is estimated at US $121 million, while both book collections and periodicals are expected to cost about US $31 million and the cost of equipment about US $20 million.

Total site area: 40,000 m

Total Library floor areas: 69,000 m

No. of floors: 13

No. of seats: 3500

No. of volumes: 4 million

No. of maps: 50,000

No. of manuscripts: 100,000

No. of electronic applications: 30 data bases

No. of rare books: 10,000

No. of electronic materials: 100 CD-ROM titles

No. of musical media: 200,000 disks/tapes

No. of audio-visual material: 50,000 disks/videos

No. of staff: 578

Complex includes: Conference Center (3200 seats), science museum, planetarium, school of information studies, calligraphy institute and museum.

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