First I will Discuss a site titled Ancient Egypt Information

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Egypt Month Egypt web review editor Siri Bezdicek

Siri Bezdicek

First I will Discuss a site titled Ancient Egypt Information . This site is very attractive. It is well laid out and not cluttered. The background is fairly simple but has enough color to make it interesting. There is a lot of concise, easy to follow information contained in this site. There are many topics of information including religion, hieroglyphs, death and burial customs, kings and queens, and even poetry. There arent many, but there are some pictures throughout the site. This would be a good site to visit with your children.

Second, I will discuss the site called Ancient Egyptian Art and Culture . Ancient Egyptian Art and Culture offers a wealth of information on- guess what- art and culture, including Egyptian religion, Social and Cultural life, Egyptian art, and Hieroglyphics. As mentioned, there is a lot of information on this site, and several pictures accompany that information. There arent too many graphics and the background color is yellow (not the really bright yellow that tends to hurt the eyes) with black print. On some of the pages there is handy outline of the information on that page with links so you can skip down if something catches your eye.

Egypt Throughout the Ages is the next site to be discussed. As with the second site, this site also offers much information, although I am not quite sure whom the information is from. The site says that the owner has made a "search-able digital copy of an old rare book about Egypt that was published in 1946" so Im assuming that this is where the information is from, but to be honest Im not positive. Regardless, this site is very informative and easy to follow. It also includes pictures and drawings. The topics range from history, to arts and crafts, commerce, science, women, and architecture, among many others. This site makes for a worthwhile visit.

Last but not least is Mysteries in Stone . Once again, this site has a large amount of information. The topics include pyramids, rituals, funeral practices, glossary of major gods and kings, and hieroglyphics. This site is very well organized and pleasing to the eye. It is not cluttered and the print/background combination is good. There could be a few more pictures, but as I said the information is good and this site warrants a visit.