The first site today is called Akhet Egyptology

Volume I, Number 6

Egypt Month Egypt web review editor Siri Bezdicek

Siri Bezdicek

The first site today is called Akhet Egyptology . This is a well done site; it offers much information on a range of topics such as "Mummy Masks, Art of the Afterlife, Mythology, and Tombs and Temples." There is also a section titled "The Clickable Mummy" which is very cute. You can click on different parts of the mummy and get the relevant information. Akhet Egyptology has a nice background on its opening page and the print is easy to read. There arent many graphics or pictures, but as the reader may know- I am not a fan of clutter. This site is relatively simple and straightforward in its design.

Pictures galore! Gavins Egyptomania has a wealth of pictures and information to go with them. This site is very easy to navigate. There is an index on the left that stays with you as you travel through the site. And while the site is mainly pictures it is done well and is not cluttered. I do feel the need to warn you about one thing; the background colors are not my favorite. They are bright yellow and lime green. The print is very easy to read with these particular colors, but my eyes initially have difficulty adjusting to these bright colors; however, once they do adjust, the site is worth the visit.

M-amar (Islam Home Page offers information not only on Ancient Egypt but Modern Egypt as well. There is also a section called Egypt Today which gives the viewer the weather in Egypt as well as news headlines. Additionally, M-amar offers information on the Islamic religion, a page for kids, and a music section among others. In addition it offers links to poetry and news pages. This site also has a menu that stays with you for easy and fast navigation. The graphics are good without being distracting and the print is easy to read.

Last but not least is Anthonys Egyptology . This site has an attractive, simple background with large, easy to read print; though I think there are a few too many graphics on the main page. Anthonys Egyptology offers information such as "Index of Ancient Egyptian Gods", and "Time Line of the Pharaohs" as well as pages on pyramids, papyrus, and Tutankhamun. The site also offers many links to other informative sites. There is a menu that is on every page which makes navigation in this large site easy. As mentioned, this is a large site- so plan some time to enjoy it and be sure to check out the National Geographic Presentation.

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