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General History Sites

A well respected and informative web site on ancient Egypt

Another good general history site with considerable audio and lots of information on gods.

An excellent general history site with many pictures based on the Florida International Museum exhibit.

Specific Subjects

An extensive info system specific to mummies.

Explores the shafts of the Pyramid of Cheops

Extensive information about the area of Thebes.

Information specific to the Greek period of Egypt

A web site from the Emory University Museum specific to Egyptian Art

An outstanding site devoted to Egyptian architecture

Information about ancient medicine in Egypt

General Egyptian Sites with Historical Content

  • Guardian Egypt

    A well known and informative site with considerable specific content.



  • The web site provides information on life in ancient Egypt through a virtual exhibit.


Egyptology and other Schools

The University of Memphis has an excellent web site devoted to artifacts exhibits and a tour of monuments

Their web site provides a very useful on-line text of ancient Egypt used for course studies


Alternative Theories

Information about tunnels in the Great Pyramid



Egyptian History Link Indexes

A search Engine with links to most Egyptian web sites.



  • A nonprofit organization which promotes the study and understanding of civilization of Ancient Egypt



  • KMT

    A Modern Journal of Ancient Egypt



Mostly this web site contains information about the association.


Other Sites

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