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The New Tour Egypt

You may have known Tour Egypt now for many years. When we first went online, perhaps you participated in one of our coloring contest for elementary students. Later, you may have used our material to study Egypt in Jr. High, as many schools and even universities have used us as a resource over the years. Now, you are over 20 and Tour Egypt is still here, one of the oldest web sites on the internet and certainly a legend in both Egyptian tourism and antiquities.


We have been going through some changes, updating the web site to a more modern standard, and with some 15,000 pages that has taken some time. Now, that process is just about complete, and rest assured that all the tourism and antiquity information is still here on Tour Egypt, even if the look of the site has changed. Every part of the old Tour Egypt is here, including the forum section, recipes, user photos and of course our huge and inclusive section on all types of antiquities and life in ancient Egypt. We will probably be fixing a few pages even after the launch but that's not surprising considering the magnitude of the Tour Egypt web site. We hope you enjoy the new site and we look forward to your frequent return, as we will provide new and updated stories about Egypt travel and antiquities, and soon even videos. Our readers can expect considerable new content.