The Pharaonic Village - Activities

The Pharaonic Village: Activities

The Pharaonic Village is not a collection of static and unchanging exhibits. Rather, it is a living, breathing entity that changes day by day with numerous activities from ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptians were not so different from us, actually. They worked hard at their daily jobs and greatly enjoyed recreation time. The "inhabitants" of the Pharaonic Village have worked to recapture these daily activities and bring them to life for you. From work to play, industries and festivals, there is always something new going on in the Pharaonic Village.

Boat Building by Traditional Methods

The shipwrights shown above are duplicates of those that lived thousands of years ago and built boats for fishing, commerce, and travel. With the Nile as the major route of travel, boat building was an important industry in ancient Egypt, and so it is also a prominent part of the Pharaonic Village, joining other ancient industries such as brickmaking, carpentry, and masonry.

Some Local Artisans Work on Temple Paintings

The ancient Egyptians loved art and their modern counterparts are no different. All over the Pharaonic Village, artisans work to create elaborate masterpieces using ancient styles and techniques, carefully researched to ensure a high level of realism. Painters, sculptors, scribes and even potters are all present in the Pharaonic Village, each one working on a very special project for the village. Many of the artifacts created will go on to enrich the authenticity of the village and the enjoyment of your tour, and in fact, all of the paintings, sculptures, and statues you see on your tour were created within the boundaries of the village by these artisans.

A Nobleman Relaxes at His Home

Recreation too, was important, then as now. Egypt has always been blessed with the perfect weather for all activities, especially fun ones. The ancient Egyptians enjoyed many of the pastimes that we do today: sports, games, performances, or just a quiet conversation at home. As you tour the Pharaonic Village, all these activities that made up the daily lives of the ancient Egyptians from merchants to peasants will be shown to you.