The Pharaonic Village - Sights

The Pharaonic Village: Sights

The Pharaonic Village is an experience like no other. The instant you begin sailing down the canals that circuit through the island you are immersed totally in the Egypt of history and legend. Everywhere you look, you will find more and more of the sights and sounds of ancient Egypt, until finally you could believe that you have truly traveled through time to a distant and glorious past. And some of the sights you will see are veritable masterpieces, faithful to their ancient originals in every detail.

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The Yacht Nefertari Embarks on Another Spellbinding Tour

One of our newest attractions is the Nefertari Yacht Tour. Sail down the Nile in comfort as you learn abot this ancient land from your guide. Tours are a little over an hour and are $6.00 per person. Tours leave for the Pharaonic Village several times a day and night cruises are available as well. Meals and snacks can be purchased on the yacht. For more information or to reserve seats, call 011-202-571-8676. Mention that you found us on the Internet and receive 10% off the ticket price!

The Market is Only One of the Many Sights to See

Dr. Ragab and his staff have labored long to bring the Egypt of the pharaohs into the present, and you will not be disappointed. Every detail of the village has come about after years of careful study and research, some of it due to the work of the most famous Egyptologists in the world and collected by Dr. Ragab. Everything from the marketplace (above) to the palace of the pharaoh (below) is a work of art, lavishly painted and embellished just like the originals of centuries before. You will not be able to believe your eyes when you see the Pharaonic Village in all its glory.

A Familiar Tale Comes to Life Before Your Eyes

Another sight not to miss at the Pharaonic Village is the replica of King Tutankhamen's tomb. The word "replica" actually does not do this wonder justice. Dr. Ragab and a team of archaeologists, engineers, and architects, along with specially selected Egyptian craftsmen, used Howard Carter's notes on the original tomb to reproduce faithfully the entire tomb, down to the tiniest ounce of treasure that had been placed with the boy king. Most of the reproduced artifacts made for the replica tomb were made entirely by hand using the same techniques that had made the originals, as Dr. Ragab insisted that the replicas be made as indistinguishable from the originals as possible. Many of the artifacts took years to create at enormous cost, but every single one is there, from the silver and gold jewelry to the great golden throne to the alabaster canopic jars.

The Replica of the Tomb of Tutankhamen

This reproduction is vastly superior to an ordinary museum, for the treasures here are arranged in precisely the manner as they were in the original tomb before Carter opened it. There are very few differences between this one and the original, as Dr. Ragab and his staff are very thorough in their work, but, as he adds with a smile, "our tomb is air-conditioned."

Are They Originals or Copies? The Attention to Detail is Astonishing

This replica of Tutankhamen's tomb and the artifacts within is a most important contribution to the study and preservation of ancient Egypt. The original, in the Valley of the Kings, has had to be closed to the public because the moisture from the breath of 3000 visitors a day was beginning to destroy the ancient tomb paintings. The replica at the Pharaonic Village is the only way for the average person to see King Tutankhamen's tomb at this time. Thanks to Dr. Ragab and the Pharaonic Village, visitors can still visit a wonder of history without fear of it being lessened for future generations.