Editor's Commentary From Webmaster and Publisher Jimmy Dunn - The Obvious and Not So Obvious

Volume II, Number 3 March 1st, 2001

The Obvious and Not So Obvious

By Jimmy Dunn

The obvious is that we have greatly expanded the Tour Egypt Monthly with many new feature articles for March. There are over twice the number of articles we have ever published in one month. What may not be so obvious is that we expect this to be a permanent development. More people then ever before are contributing to Tour Egypt Monthly, and more are on the way, with some fantastic articles coming up in the near future.

Interestingly enough, when we started the Tour Egypt Monthly, it was mostly travel articles, along with a few historical scattered in the mix. However, this is a little deceiving, even for March as some of the articles which appear to be historical are likewise very valuable for the tourist. In the future, we will try our best to keep a good balance between feature travel and historical articles.

One very new development is that we are accepting some "alternative thought" material. Basically, we would define this as information which is not particularly accepted in the mainline Egyptology community. We are not likely to ever accept outlandish theories, but the two articles we accepted this month do a good job of at least substantiating their position logically. Since we are interested in teachers and others who need to recognize what is mainstream and what is not, these articles are marked (Alternative Thought).

Want to contribute yourself? Contributions are what makes Tour Egypt Monthly the great magazine that it is. The magazine and Tour Egypt itself continue to be enthusiast web sites, which is just the way we want it, and if you have a story about either travel or of a historical nature, we would love to see it. We will provide credit links to your favorite web site within the articles if you wish, and with 1.5 million readers, it will make a difference in traffic.

Help support us. You will enjoy the experience and our community of writers.

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