Egyptian Hotel Review - Pension Roma in Cairo

Volume I, Number 3 August 1st, 2000

Pension Roma

By Juergen Stryjak

A lot of travelers, on their way through the Middle East, some days before they arrive in Cairo, call the Pension Roma by telephone. They do so from Amman or Aqaba in Jordan, from Jerusalem or Tel Aviv in Israel, or sometimes already from Damascus in Syria. It is necessary and highly advisable if you want to get a room in this pension. It is one of Cairo's most popular budget hotels. For those travelers who arrive without having booked a room in advance, finding the pension with no vacancies, as always no problem! The kind and friendly staff will provide them with useful

and, more importantly, accurate information about other suitable, clean and lovely budget hotels, pensions and hostels in town until they can offer them the desired room in the Pension Roma. The atmosphere in this little downtown pension is fantastic, very familiar and cozy, clean and relaxing. To reach the hotel on the fourth floor, the traveler must take the ancient metal elevator. Should this elevator be out of order, as happens occasionally to well worn apparatus, tired from the ups and downs of life, then the traveler will have to climb the stairs, without passing an entrance to another floor, as this staircase, the secret passage to the castle, belongs only to the Pension Roma. Like a moat-surrounded castle, found in the middle of the bustling metropolis, the Pension Roma is an ivory tower where one can escape from the dust, noise and crowds of the city.

The Pension Roma features a complete floor, with simply equipped, but comfortable rooms. The salon is a meeting point of old European ladies writing letters to Paris or London, American students trying to
catch the latest sport news from the television, silent lonely backpackers from Scandinavia or young girls from Hungary. It is not only the rates, but the calm and familiar ambiance of the Pension Roma which draws them again and again. Rooms with a bath are available for a slightly higher price, otherwise, a common bathroom is available on the floor.

Pension Roma
169, Mohammed Farid St., Downtown, Cairo.
Telephone: 23911088 and 23911340
Fax: 25796243
Metro: Line 1, Station Al-Ataba Rooms:
Single 27 LE/ 7.75 $; Double 49 LE/ 14 $,
inclusive taxes, service charge, breakfast.

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