Our first site this month is titled Living in Ancient Egypt

Egypt Month Egypt web review editor Siri Bezdicek

Siri Bezdicek

Our first site this month is titled Living in Ancient Egypt. This is a great site with a huge variety of information on such topics as dress and makeup, music and dance, weapons and warriors, children, and towns, homes and gardens. Also included in the wide list are the more common topics like gods and goddesses, history, and mummies. Another topic I find particularly interesting on this site is called dogs of ancient Egypt. This isnt something I have run across before and it is very informative and interesting. While there arent pages and pages of information on each topic, a concise and easy to understand summary is offered for each topic. There are some pictures to accompany the information on the site. I dont really care for the background on this site, it makes the print slightly more difficult to read, and I think its effect is to make the site look overall more cluttered. With that said, however, this site is still definitely worth a visit for the wealth of information offered.

Next this month is a site called Birding Egypt. This site is very pleasing to the eye with a good background and many good pictures. This site is also very well organized and well laid out. This site has much information on birding in Egypt such as which birds can be found, information on their habitats, when to visit and bird conservation among others. This is an interesting site in the sense that I would never have thought of bird watching in Egypt; I suppose I only think about pyramid watching. Birding Egypt is an attractive site that is worth to explore some of the present day beauty Egypt has to offer.

How many pictures of the pyramids have you seen with a camel in the foreground? I am sure, as I have, you have also seen plenty, so our next topic of discussion is called The A Z of Camels. This page is a clear, concise fact sheet on camels. The page gives information on behavior, skin, eyes, life span and speed. There are some pictures to help illustrate some of the information contained on the site. I like this site because it is interesting and informative and also, like the previous site, it gives us a view of the rest of Egypt not just the pyramids.

We have all heard that cats were important in Ancient Egypt, right? Well, our last topic this month is called The Role of Cats in Ancient Egypt and it will help illustrate why they were important. This is a cute, organized and well-written page. The background is nice and the print is easy to read. The text is clear and concise and there are a few pictures as well. This is an interesting site to help one understand why and how the cat was important to ancient Egyptians.

*For more exciting information on present day Egypt, animals and to see what else this beautiful land offers please visit "Wild Egypt" and "Parks of Egypt" among other pages at Tour Egypt.

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